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Tax Disputes

Tax Disputes

Most tax disputes arise in the form of a required audit of one, two or several past tax returns. If the IRS notifies someone of an audit, one has to ensure to immediately coordinate with an income tax attorney.

IRS tax concerns are of sensitive in nature and are very crucial and a slight mistake in the process can eventually cost extremely in the form of loss of money, time and can lead to serious frustration and worst can lead someone to jail if mishandled.

The tax laws and legalities involved in the process of tax settlements of the IRS taxes can be very complex and involves complicated legal terminologies.

Tax dispute lawyer Milwaukee should adopt methods and approaches of resolving tax disputes to avoid litigation. There should be a robust litigation support to the clients when the circumstances demand it.

What does a tax attorney do?

  • Fraud investigations
  • Civil enquiries and investigations under COP9
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including facilitation and mediation
  • Discovery assessments
  • Representing clients in tax tribunals and arranging for representations in the higher courts
  • Judicial reviews
  • Mis declaration and other penalty appeals.
  • Losses resulting from negligent advice
  • Accelerated payment notices and follower notices

Tax lawyer Milwaukee can reassure IRS that the investigations will be taken seriously, work with IRS in an effort to assist and provide the needed help to avoid criminal charges and act as representation if charged with a tax crime.

With the degree of responsibility and impact of tax issues and disputes, it is important to consider which tax consultant to coordinate with. The following are the questions to ask before hiring an income tax lawyer in Wisconsin:

  • How long has the lawyer or firm been practicing law?
  • Does the firm or lawyer just practice or do they have other areas of practice?
  • Has the lawyer or firm previously handled tax situations similar to the one being presented?
  • What was the assessment of the situation? What works for the client and against the client?
  • If hired and agreed, what would the lawyer or the firms recommendation?
  • Does the lawyer or firm charge a flat or hourly fee? Or do they use some other billing structure?
  • What is the estimate of the total legal fees?

It is of utmost consideration as well whether the lawyer or firm uses a certain sales pitch technique to gain trust and confidence. If this is the case, it is important to think twice of hiring the services.

An attorney who still needs to self themselves with gimmicks and flashy talk is overcompensating for the lack of success or experience.

The tax attorney that one will choose can save someone and correct the problem or at the other side would make it a million times worse.

A client should need to ensure to get a lawyer or a firm that is knowledgeable, truthful and working with the issue and the client. Find the tax attorney who could pull you off from the hot water.

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